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Based on ancient practices, reflexology uses “reflex points” on the feet and hands that connect energetically to certain body parts and organs. A reflexologist applies pressure to reflex points to remove energy blockages and promote health while boosting the immune system. We’re proud to offer reflexology at Spa Dior.  

Though reflexology focuses on the hands, feet, and ears, it’s far different from a simple massage. Reflexology can be helpful for people dealing with sports injuries, stress-related conditions, migraines, digestive orders, and beyond. Spa Dior’s massage therapist gently works your feet and hands to free up your body’s systems. If you choose our “Best of Both Worlds” package, you get reflexology on your feet as well as traditional massage on your upper body for a truly transformative experience.

Whether you’ve had a massage before or not, reflexology is a fantastic option. Our knowledgeable Licensed Massage Therapist, Jan Marie, has the training and experience to tailor her treatment to each client. You will feel as if you have been seen, heard, and cared for. Spa Dior wins awards because we take the time to meet each clients needs instead of handing out cookie-cutter services, so don’t miss out. It’s time to give your body the pampering it craves. Enjoy reflexology with Spa Dior today.

Reflexology Session

$35 | 30 min
$65 | 60 min

Best of Both Worlds

A relaxing massage to ease tension, relieve tight muscles and recondition your skin using Basalt Lava Stones and cold stones to relieve extra tension in neck-great to relieve migraines.  This treatment starts with foot reflexology to boost your immune system then magnified by an upper body massage customized by what the feet told the therapist.

$115 | 90 min

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